Strength & Conditioning Research Team


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72.Kathleen Yasmin DE ALMEIDA, Rodrigo dos Santos GUIMARÃES, Michele Rafaela R…


To optimize the athletic performance and muscle phenotypes from evidence-based knowledge

Our team studies the topics of “Strength & Conditioning” and “Genetics and athletic performance and sports injury”.
In field of Strength & Conditioning, our purpose of study is to provide the evidence based physical training for everyone. We focus on acute and chronic physical responses after resistance training.
We also join the Japanese Human Athlome Project (J-HAP), it is focus on the genetics of physical performance and its-related phenotypes (i.e., muscle mass, muscle fibre type, maximum oxygen consumption etc.) and sports injury.

Team Leader

Naoki Kikuchi, Ph.D., CSCS

Associate professor, Nippon Sport Science University
Ph.D. (Health and Sport Science)
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

2013 March, Ph.D. in Health and Sport Science, Graduate School of Health and Sport Science, Nippon Sport Science University.

Academic experience;
2016 April- Assistant professor, Faculty of Sport Science, Nippon Sports Science University.
2019 April- Associate professor, Faculty of Sport Science, Nippon Sports Science University.

Research Gate

Research Topics(Publication List)


Association between genetics and athletic performance and sports injury


Association between genetics and physiological phenotypes in genetically modified animals


Effects of physical training on athletic performance, strength and muscle adaptations in athletes and general population.


Education of strength and conditioning coach


Collaboration study with engineering

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